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Capteur de Couleurs

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Capteur de Couleurs
Windows XP - French

Capteur de Couleurs is an application for capturing colors. It is able to retrieve HEXA codes, WEB and RGB pixels displayed on the computer's screen.

Key Features

Capturing: to retrieve a specific color with Capteur de Couleurs, the user has just to point it with the mouse and then press C on the keyboard. The color is captured and copied to the clipboard for later use.

Clipboard: as mentioned above, captured colors are copied to the clipboard. The user is then free to apply them to another document or image file. This option works with almost all image applications such as paint, Photoshop and over more.

Retrieving details: Capteur de Couleurs does not only copy the color but also retrieve detailed information about it such as Hexa codes and RGB. By this way, the user can ensure to obtain the exact required tint by examining these elements.


Capteur de Couleurs is practical when it comes to reproduce a specific color without trying to mix it oneself.
This program is easy-to-handle even for beginners.
It is entirely free.


It is not compatible with Windows platforms posterior to XP.

Alternative spelling: CaptCouleur21.exe
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