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Desktop Curtain

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Desktop Curtain
Mac OS X - English

A curtain is made for hiding or separating one thing from another, it is even part of a decoration when it is customized. Desktop Curtain is a software designed for covering cluttered screen and much more.

Key features

Position: The user is able to choose whether using a curtain or an image as cover. The program also allows him to choose which icons to hide or where to place it. This could be behind/top of the icons, behind the front most application/the front most window.

Customized curtain: Desktop Curtain offers the possibility to give more stylish look to the image or curtain. The user can just use unique color for the curtain or picture file. To ease the process, the program also records recently-used images.

Hot-key for visibility: With this utilitarian, it is also possible to define keyboard for shortcut. After specifying the hot key which will be used, the user has just to type it and toggle the curtain's visibility or isolate the front most window.


This is a very easy to use program for its simple interface.

It gives full control to the user on when and where to see the curtain.


This is a trial version of Desktop Curtain.

Alternative spelling: desktopcurtain302.dmg
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