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Protect Exe is a program used to Protect Executable files .exe with a password. It features an user-friendly interface facilitating the process.

=Main features=:
Back-up: This software can store an genuine back-up of the executable file, stripped from the possibility to alter it. To do so, the program has to be launched simultaneously with the file loading and proceed to the inventory.
Coding: Once the back-up is done, Protect Exe requests the user for a password which will lock the original file. Thus, it will not be possible to =Cons=ult its content anymore, unless the password is successfully entered.
Protection: To guarantee an optimum protection of .exe files, the software resorts to a system of data encryption Twofish 256 bits. This coding completes the password previously entered by the user.
File loading: Opening the file to be protected has to be done only from a file explorer, given that the program does not support the drag and drop function. One has to go through the offered list.


Protect Exedoes only uses a minimum of system resources.


Its features are limited.


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