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Metasploit Express

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Metasploit Express
Linux - English

Hackers often use the network to penetrate a computer. Metasploit Express is a software that allows testing the system's integrity and blocking this kind of intrusion.

Key Features

Test: Metasploit Express simulates attacks similar to those used by hackers and viruses in order to determine the level of system protection. The test procedure can be followed on a dashboard that shows all modes of penetration and the response from the firewall.

Automation: This option allows scheduling automatic execution of certain operations. It offers, for example, the ability to schedule automatic launching of scan processes so as to search for potential threats or to test the connection to a remote server.

Connection management: Metasploit Express is able to manage the connections on client computers from a local server. It displays all the characteristics of each link on a control panel, allowing the user to connect and disconnect a specific machine or to manage access permissions.


This security software is downloadable for free.


Metasploit Express is only available in English version.


This version is compatible with 32 bits systems.
Versions for 64 bits are available here:

Alternative spelling:,
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