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MailCleaner is a software designed to filter mails on Linux. It provides several functionalities to protect the system against potentially dangerous email.

Key features

Filtering: MailCleaner helps the user to manage his mail box. Indeed, it can block undesirable message by recognizing the potential malicious sender email. It is also able to detect automatically spams and store them into quarantine or delete them immediately.

Anti-virus: one of the particularities of MailCleaner is that it is packed with an antivirus option. It can scan the PC and download automatically new updates. It detects emails with potential dangerous contents and stores them into quarantine.

Customization: the software is able to manage the base system such as network or proxies. It is also possible to adjust some setting such as the SMTP resources control or the maximum size of the received email.

Monitoring: this option allows giving access to the mail of another people using the same computer through setting administrator list. Thanks to that, each user can access mails and quarantine folders as well as analysis option.


MailCleaner offers two interfaces, one for the user and another one for administrators.

It is possible to configure filtered domains with forwarding and preferences such as languages, templates and user authentication.


There is nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: mailcleaner_community_201410_64bit.iso
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