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It is frustrating to realize that one of our precious CDs or DVDs is damaged. But with the evolution of technology and informatics, there is always a solution. Indeed, CDCheck allows the prevention, detection and the recovery of damaged CDS or DVDs.

Main features

Detection: this software detects the root of the problem. Indeed, the causes can be vary in function of the support (CD, DVD, zip, USB storage, etc.) and finding these causes is CDCheck's main function.

File recovery: After detecting the defects on your CDs or DVDs, CDCheck also helps in damaged files recovery. But in order to do so, the user will have to transfer the data onto another support or the hard drive. Make sure that the entirety of the data has been transferred.

Binary comparison: CDCheck also features a binary comparison of files (pictures or CD) option to check if the transfers, the file burnings or the copies of files have successfully been performed or not. It can also send alerts if there are any differences between the files.


Burning check.

Completely free.


Sometimes unstable.

Alternative spelling: CDCheckSetup.exe
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