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Mac OS X - English

Spams and junk mails can invade Internet browsing and email box once. SpamSieve is a Bayesian spam filtering tool for Mac OX X. It can support several e-mail accounts and works with multiple email clients.

Key Features

  • Bayesian filter: using the Bayesian filter, SpamSieve results are accurate and without error. The application can decode the messages so as to discern their true nature. You can be sure to be aware of all incoming spams.
  • Black and white list: SpamSieve takes care to automatically manage your white and black list. This means that you white list your white list will remain untouched, unmarked as spam. You can add you own rules and criteria for both of them.
  • Compatibility: this anti-spam entirely works with Eudora, Mailsmith, Powermail and Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Postbox 2.0, MailMate, GyazMail, Emailer, Apple Mail, Entourage and much more.
  • Notification: when a spam is detected, you will receive new messages that you can turn off if you do not want them. Notifications are customizable: sound, bounce dock icon, flash PowerMate, etc.

System requirements

  • Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.4.0, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7
  • RAM: 128MO.
  • Required Disk Space: 16MO.
  • Processor: 233MHz G3.


  • SpamSieve is famous for its accuracy.
  • It checks attached images and documents to detect spammy contents.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: SpamSieve-2.9.dmg, SpamSieve.dmg
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