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Linux, English
Sometimes we have to either transform or publish books or documents previously scanned with a text editor. This is impossible without the proper tools. GOCR are among these programs that can help in the performance of such task.

Key Features

Character recognition: this program has been specifically designed for character recognition on Linux. It is able to recognize letters and numbers contained in an image file. This is useful for dealing with scanned documents.

Conversion: what makes GOCR interesting is the fact that it not only recognizes characters but also offers the ability to convert them so as to become editable using any text processing application.

Practicality: this utility appears to be very practical in different situations. For example, the user wants to obtain a digital version of a paper document. He has only to scan it and obtain an image file first and then convert the latter with GOCR to get a final version in text format.


The download and use of GOCR are entirely free of charge.
Its installation and handling are simple and requires no specific knowledge in computing.


There is nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: gocr-0.50.tar.gz, gocr.tar.gz

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