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XAMPP for Mac OS X

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XAMPP for Mac OS X
Mac OS X, English
XAMPP for Mac OS X is an all-in-one program allowing the user to develop and test a website. It also comes with a database manager.

Main features

Database: With XAMPP for Mac OS X, the user does not have to use another software to compile data related to a website. It comes with its own integrated database, and it can hold all the necessary tables.

Console: This program can send visual or SQL language-based requests. For the latest, a control panel is made available in its resources to host the user's demands.

Local server: With this one of XAMPP for Mac OS X's functions, it is possible to open a website on a Web browser without having to go through a web server. Yet, the developer will be able to test all the functionalities and modify them if necessary.

Transfer: Once the website in place, this software is able to copy all the data on a distant host in order to put it online. To do so, the administrator will have to use the integrated FTP server.


XAMPP for Mac OS X is entirely free.


Nothing in particular.


Alternative spelling: xampp-osx-5.6.8-0-installer.dmg

Latest update on June 1, 2015 at 08:02 AM.

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