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iSubtitle for Mac

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iSubtitle for Mac
Mac OS X, English
iSubtitle allows you to insert subtitles to a video without having to do manually iSubtitle. It is employing Apple's soft subtitle technology to perform this task.

Key Features

  • Subtitles: adding text to any video is done by chapter. The user may specify the type and size of the characters that are utilized. Thanks to iSubtitle which is multilingual, he can even select the version (language) of the film.
  • Editing: this option offers the possibility of assemble processed chapters in order to display them on the interface. There, they will be simple to rearrange. The addition and removal of new chapters are also other options.
  • Export: the videos once added with subtitles can be saved in several file formats. It is particularly able to produce digital data supported by different mobile devices in Apple brand. It can also be exported to iTunes.


  • iSubtitle has an option to download subtitles line attached to a tool for decompressing files.
  • It is available in several languages.
  • This utility can be exported to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and iPad.


  • This presented version of iSubtitle is a trial one.


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