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File Smile is a file and folder manager destined for Windows Operating System. All tasks are facilitated thanks to the Windows Explorer-like interface.

Key Features

Open several folders simultaneously

Offering more than Windows can provide, File Smile enables users to have the content of multiple folders simultaneous. Re-navigating them is no longer needed. Contents can be available when the user wants them.

Color code and Bookmark

For all files stored on a given location on the HDD, the user is given the freedom to assign a color to each one of them. This process can easily manage them. Folders can also be bookmarked so as to have them in a snap at any time.

Displaying comments

Apart from colors, File Smile also enables to add some notes and comments to each file. For that, loading up the file name is not necessary. These notes packed with the file size and date will be showed off next the file listing.


  • File Smile offers an intuitive interface and customizable layout.
  • It is possible to compare the contents of two different folders.
  • The file listings can be saved and exported to .CSV file format.


  • Nothing to report.


Alternative spelling: filesmile_setup-4.0.60.exe, filesmile_setup.exe

Latest update on October 13, 2014 at 10:16 AM.

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