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MyLife Smart Organizer Suite

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MyLife Smart Organizer Suite
Windows XP - English

MyLife Smart Organizer Suite has in all 90 programs that will allow any user to manage both his contacts and his own files. Besides these two things, it can also allow you to organize the files consisting of pictures, letters, emails and so on.


With this program, you can easily import and export databases.

It allows you to further organize all your tasks in hand and give more time to your production process.

It is very easy to use and even allows beginners to get along with it.


This is a shareware version that will expire after 60 days of use.


It can include Contacts, Diary, Pocket Money, Personal Record, Photos. Hobbies, Home Mgmt, Kids, Handhelds, Info, File Utilites. Emails, Letters, Journal, Recipes, Music Collections, Notebook, Free Database & Various Import Export.

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Alternative spelling: MLO-Evaluation-Setup.exe
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