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001Micron Backlink Checker Software

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001Micron Backlink Checker Software
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English
This is a very effective tool that will inform the user directly on his email inbox if a webpage is accessible or not, if the link is still there or if it has been removed and if the link has been moderated by the website's editor. Advantages:
It facilitates the query of needed web pages and will give a better web result display. It can also generate more traffic on your webpage as the link program will indicate that your pages are among those which work well. The program is a freeware accessible to anyone Disadvantages: Not yet with other OS other than Windows Features as indicated by the Publisher:
  • The program will check and monitor the status of backlinks of websites.
  • It weill make use of an absolutely legitimate way to obtain the backlinks.
  • Your websites' importance will be measured as well as its overall visibility.
  • Will help the user to better rate and rank while using a search engine.
  • Quantifiably link popularity analyzer find direct link, java script link or other link.
  • Fast and easy to use tool provides multiple checking of back link status of any websites instead of checking it manually (one by one).
  • Link tracking utility shows your backlink indexed in the publisher sites.
  • User style family wizard software can easily be handled by the layman user.
  • Software generates report in HTML or TXT format.


Alternative spelling: MicronBacklinkChecker.exe
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