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Blogo for Mac

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Blogo for Mac
Mac OS X - English
Blogo for Mac is a text editor that can be used to retrieve information from blog in Wodpress, Blogger, TypePad or Joomla. The program retrieves all articles published.

Key Features

Retrieving information: once Blogo for Mac is installed on the computer, it offers the ability to obtain texts from blogs. It is well-known that such task is generally forbidden as blogs' contents are protected with specific encryption system. With this program, retrieving them becomes possible.

Page layout: once the user copied the text from Wodpress, Blogger, TypePad or Joomla, he is allowed to paste it to a text processing application. He is then allowed to adjust the page layout according to his preferences.

Customization: apart from the feature mentioned above, it is also possible to customize some parameters. Indeed, it is allowed to use options such as bold, underline, hyperlinks and much more.

Print: as a text editor, Blogo for Mac includes a specific option for printing. The user is free to select whether to print files in portrait or landspace mode. He can adjust margins and much more.


Blogo for Mac can be downloaded for free.
It is easy to handle and its execution does not impact on the computer's performance.


There is nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: Blogo-1.3.dmg, Blogo.dmg
Latest update on March 26, 2018 at 09:30 AM.
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