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Linux - English

Sometimes you have to compare documents to detect errors or fraud, but this is difficult without the appropriate tools. Picalo is among the programs that can be helpful for the performance of such task.

Key Features

Analysis: Picalo's main purpose is to facilitate the analysis of data on Linux. It offers the ability to analyze financial data as well as purchasing systems, network logs, scientific data and much more.

Detecting corruption: the main advantage with Picalo is that it helps detecting potential corruption of files. Fraud examiners, auditors and other professionals can use it to search for doubloons and other problems of the same kind.

Compatibility: with this software, it is possible to use TSV, CSV, EBCDIC, XML and Excel files. In terms of operating system, it supports Linux platform and can work whatever the system's power and characteristics.


Picalo is provided with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface.
Its handling is easy and requires no specific knowledge in computing.


It does not exist in versions compatible with Windows or Mac.

Alternative spelling: current-picalo.tar439.gz
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