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Stellarium for Ubuntu

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Stellarium for Ubuntu
Linux - English

Stellarium is the star version of Google Earth. The application allows observing the universe just like if you are in a planetarium using a telescope. This is the version for Linux users.

Key Features

Stargazing: Stellarium allows watching the 12 constellations of the zodiac as well as 36 other figures clearly listed by Ptolemy. Thus, the application can be used for research and stargazing.

Representation: the program can also show pictorial representations of the atmosphere, sunrise and sunset, the Milky Way, the 8 planets and their satellites. These elements are displayed in 3D for more realism.

Database: Stellarium includes in its database more than 600,000 stars. Being an open source application, the user is allowed to add sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, and much more.

Zooming option: this program offers the ability to zoom in so as to view each tiny detail of a specific location. In addition, the user can enjoy projection in spherical mirror and fisheye, like in planetariums.


The download and use of Stellarium are entirely free of charge.
It is an open source and is flexible so as to adapt to each user's needs.


There is nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: stellarium-data_0.13.3-1ubuntu1~ppa0~ubuntu15.04.1_all.deb
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