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Fedora LiveUSB Creator

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Fedora LiveUSB Creator
Linux - English

Fedora LiveUSB Creator lets users launch live operating systems on a USB flash drive. This program is compatible on both Linux and Windows.

Key Features

Library: to assist the user in creating a boot drive, Fedora LiveUSB Creator contains a database containing different programs on operating systems. This can be enhanced by downloading mobile platforms on the online library dedicated to this purpose.

Selection: once the USB port is inserted on the computer, the user has to specify the file path to the installation of the desired operating system. The user can then select one from those on the library.

Creation: the transfer process on the USB device is done through a simple click on the "Create Live USB" button. Fedora LiveUSB Creator allows users to set the size of the persistent data to be taken into account.

Checking: at the end of each treatment, Fedora LiveUSB Creator is able to analyze the operation of the created boot device. To do so, it checks the integrity of each system file that is saved.


Fedora LiveUSB Creator is available for free.

This utility is transferred into several languages such as English and French.


Nothing to report.

Alternative spelling: liveusb-creator-3-, liveusb-creator-3.11.1.tar.bz2
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