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YaCy is a kind of search engine designed to simplify seeking for people in public Internet and Intranet. It provides various features to customize the research mode.

Key features

Customizing: this software provides several options to configure search and to make it more efficient. For instance, the research can be sorted by language or by provider depending on the users' needs.

Searching option: YaCy can be run either independently or in peer-to-peer mode. This means that the research can be done on the intranet or the Internet according to the user's needs. It currently contains about 1, 4 billion documents in its index.

Indexing: this option increases considerably the search speed depending on the number of connected peers. The indexing also accelerates advanced research. Currently, more than 600 peer operators contribute each month to its database.

Security: YaCy uses an authentication system to ensure data protection and to restrict sharing. It also protects the privacy of the user who has the total control over the data he wants to share. Therefore it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of the shared index.


is available as an Open Source.
It can be downloaded for free.


It needs basic software knowledge.

Alternative spelling: yacy_v1.82_20150121_9000.tar.gz
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