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STG FolderPrint Plus

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STG FolderPrint Plus
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
StG FolderPrint is an application that allows you to get an idea of the folders on your system. This helps you to find out which folders are taking more space.

You can rename the files from the function and also move them.
This application is available in various languages.

The application is in a shareware version that expires after a time period.
You need to have a minimum of requirement system on your computer.

Allow you to view or print large amount of folders and files.
Mp3 and WMA support.
Graphical output.
Export to HTML, Excel, CSV, JPG, PNG, PDF or Text (two modes).
File version for EXEs and DLLs.
Print your favorites with the URL extract option.

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Alternative spelling: folderprint_tucows.exe
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