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Xnview for MacOS

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Xnview for MacOS
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New technologies offer various tools for viewing photos, but few are those which can provide functionalities other than viewing. XnView is among software that can not only view but also convert graphic files.

Key Features

Supported formats: This software can recognize about 400 file formats including 400 in simple reading and 50 in recording. For example, it can read standard formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, GMP as well as specific formats such as SIL, BOB and more.

Image edition: XnView is very interesting as it allows editing images. Thus, it is possible to perform reframing, rotating, redefining colors, and over more. It is also possible to add filters and apply various effects. Batch mode: XnView is able to deal with multiple files at once. Every process can be performed in batch for time saving either resizing several images, adjusting various parameters, applying filters and over more.


XnView is available for free.
Other versions compatible with Mac platforms are avalaible on the devlopers' website.
It offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes its handling easy.


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