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Mac OS X, English
Although there are several brands that propose their products as screensavers, Aubade is quite different. This latest version offers a compendium of images, models to choose as screensaver.

Key Features

  • Aubade: as Internet users may already know, Aubade is a brand of lingerie that has been created by Clause Pasquier. It is offering naughty lingerie and accessories, loungewear and nightwear body wear that are all outstanding, especially on women. Images of models have been taken and stored in a database to be applied as screensaver.
  • Interface: the interface of this application is easy to handle. For that, users just have to download and install it on the computer system. Concerning screensavers, they can be applied automatically. Aubade automatically displays its whole collection of models and products one by one as a screensaver for your computer system.
  • Screensaver: Aubade is at the same time giving users an idea of lingerie and also a real ad for its products. It can give you some products that may be interesting. If not, seeing models with their beautiful body shape can be enough.


  • Aubade is downloadable free of charge.
  • The interface of this application is intuitive and easy to use.


  • Using this screensaver in workplace is not advised.


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