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Instagram for Chrome

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Instagram for Chrome
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

Instagram for Chrome is an add-on for Google Chrome internet browser. It allows accessing the eponym social network as well as its entire features easily and quickly.

Key Features

Connection: Once Instagram for Chrome downloaded and installed on the computer, it displays a button near the address bar of Chrome. To connect to the social network, the user has just to click on it with no need to enter the URL.

Accessing features: with this program, it is possible to access all features of Instagram directly from the web browser. Indeed, it allows to view photos, like and comment them. It is also the same with @name and #hashtag.

Zoom: what makes Instagram for Chrome interesting is the fact that it offers the ability to zoom in or out pictures shared on Instagram. By this way, the user can enjoy all details. This action can be performed directly from Chrome.


Instagram for Chrome is downloadable for free.
It is compatible with all versions of Google Chrome


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