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iPhone, English
Formerly known as Yuilop, Upptalk is an application for sending SMS and for calling mobile phones even if they do not have this app installed. It offers a credit option for calling landline numbers.

Key Features

  • Calls and SMS: with only an Internet connection, the iPhone user can call any mobile phone number and send SMS. Upptalk is giving him a real phone number so that the other contact cannot find it is done via an application.
  • Group chats: apart from SMS, Upptalk also enables to exchange instant messages to other users having this app installed on their devices. It is possible to create a group where all contacts can chat and talk together in a single interface/line.
  • File sharing: via this same application, all contacts can exchange data. It can be a video file, a location on Google Map, an audio track or pictures, Upptalk can proceed to their transfer with simple few taps on the screen.
  • Credits: to call or send SMS to land lines, the credits system has to be adopted. Generally, via inviting friends and having them sign up to the Upptalk is already worth credit. Apart from that, redeeming voucher codes and completing an online offer are also other options for obtaining credits.
  • Security: Upptalk is relying on a 2048-bit encryption to secure all data transfers and all calls and SMSs. It is worth to note that a STARTTLS extension is employed through a Transport Layer Security protocol with an aim to strengthen the protection.


  • Upptalk enables to call unlimited to the USA and Mexico.
  • Chat background can be customized.


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Latest update on October 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM.

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