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Fennec for desktop

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4.0 Beta 2
Fennec for desktop
Linux - English

In some situations, it is useful in certain situations to test the add-ons of a browser so as to see how they work or just for fun. For that, you need a tool like Fennec for desktop.

Key Features

Developing add-ons: Fennec for desktop offers the ability to develop add-ons for Mozilla Firefox by yourself. This feature has been designed for advanced Linux users who have a certain level in programming.

Test: Fennec for desktop also consists of a specific option for testing the add-ons of the browser in order to understand the way they work. The advantage using this utility is that it allows avoiding any potential disastrous consequences if done on a real browser.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Android phones and Nokia N900. It offers a conceived and well-developed browser for smart phones. Thanks to data synchronization and the compatibility of some add-ons, it is compatible with touch technology while offering a certain synergy with your fixed devices.


Fennec for desktop can be downloaded for free.
It is lightweight and its execution does not impact on the computer's performance.


There is nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: fennec-4.0b2.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2
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