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JPEG is certainly the best compression type for presenting scanned and captured images on the Web. However, even experts find that with a little help they can make their Web pictures even smaller without sacrificing quality. JPEG is a loss of compression format and the key to getting the minimal file size is choosing the maximum amount of compression without affecting the picture quality.You can acquire a compression from 20 to 70 % superior in normal with a visual quality very definitely performed well with Photo shop.Each time you re-compress a JPEG image you add a little "generational loss". This might happen if you add text, if you rotate the image, if you edit it, or if you just want higher compression. After too many generations of re-compression, your images may lose their fine detail.


Alternative spelling: JPGWIZ.EXE

Latest update on October 1, 2009 at 09:41 AM.

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