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Windows XP - English

iColorFolder is an lightweight program for changing the appearance of a folder in Windows operating system. This is mainly focusing on terms of color and icon shape.

Key Features

Customization: iColorFolder can change the color of a given folder within two clicks. First, the user needs to enter the location on the computer and then, right click on the folder so as to be given all choices to customize the icon.

File management: this program can be essential to organize all files stored on the computer system. So then, iColorFolder can change give a specified color for a folder containing all music tracks, for example. This is the same for all folders on the hard drives.

Skinnable icon: this program is endowed with quite a large number of skins to customize the folder icon's appearance. For instance, iColorFolder can propose the WindowsXP, XPlastic or even the Mac OSX ones depending on the users' needs.


iColorFolder is a free program.

As an Open Source, the developer can easily change and edit some features.

The Color Label is providing various options for changing the color.


There is nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: iCF_142.exe
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