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Smart Email Verifier

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Smart Email Verifier
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Smart Email Verifier is software that allows verifying the validity of an email address. It uses several methods to perform such task.

Key features

Verifying: the software's main function is to test if an email address is still valid or not. For that, it checks these following three domains that define the validity of an email. They are the syntax, the DNS and the SMTP.

Importing: this option allows the user to import data from another format. Indeed, Smart Email Verifier supports importing files from several types of formats such as text, ODBC, CSV and many others.

Verification of email's origin: Smart Email Verifier allows knowing the original country of an email. Indeed, after a thorough verification of the email address, it displays the country name and all details about the sender.

Settings: with this software, the user is allowed to adjust some settings such as the proxy and the DNS server. It is also possible to determine the form of the email that will be automatically saved in the contact list.


Smart Email Verifier is able to locate the country where the emails come from.

It is able to detect and remove duplicates among the contact list.


Smart Email Verifier is available as a shareware version.

Alternative spelling: sev.exe
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