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AMS Enterprise

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AMS Enterprise
Windows XP - English
AMS Enterprise is a powerful tool for sending several messages simultaneously for the targeting of advertising campaigns. You can easily create a mailing list, compose a message template, send personalized messages quickly and instantly assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign that you start.

HTML support allows creating pretty, stylish messages that generate greater response from your subscribers and prospective customers.
Support for any message encodings, including Cyrillic.

The software expires after 20 days of use.
You need a minimum of requirement system on your computer.

Automatic subscribing to and unsubscribing from your mailing lists
Powerful WYSIWYG HTML message editor that supports tables, images, hyperlinks
All message types (HTML, TEXT, HTML+TEXT) support
Real-time statistics on message readings and clicks through the links provided in the messages
Built-in SMTP server will let you send e-mail messages to the recipient's box bypassing the provider's SMTP server
Importing address lists from text and .CSV files, Outlook address book, and many other sources (Access, Excel) using ADO/ODBC
Running multiple e-mailing campaigns simultaneously
High message delivery speed - up to 200 000 messages per hour

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