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eBuddy XMS

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eBuddy XMS
Linux Android - English

eBuddy XMS is available for Android users to exchange messages and sharing media files via the Internet. This application can be downloaded and used for free.

Key Features

Instant messaging

With more than 100 emoticons packed with eBuddy XMS, Android users can chat with other XMS ones easily. Another option enables to have several contacts on a unique discussion. This means that it supports a group discussion.

Sharing multimedia files

During the chat session with eBuddy XMS, the contact is given the freedom to send pictures and videos. For that, a tap on the "Attach file" icon as well as a selection of files to send are necessary.

Picking a location

eBuddy XMS enables to browse and pick a location thanks to Google map. Android users can select where they are and point it to another contact so that they can meet later. The itinerary and the duration (per minute) to the location are also proposed.


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