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Mac Data Recovery Software for Mobile Phone

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Mac Data Recovery Software for Mobile Phone
Mac OS X, English
Mac Data Recovery Software for Mobile Phone is an application for Mac OS X that allows the retrieval of data from the memory of a mobile phone. Whether data that have been lost due to a device failure, accidental formatting of memory, battery problems and even virus attacks,

Key Features

Powerful: the first comment concerns the performance of this tool. Indeed, whatever the cause of the loss of files, either system crash, virus attack, formatting or others Mac Recovery Software is always able to restore them.

Recovery: Before performing a recovery process, Mac Data Recovery Software performs a scan of the entire mobile device storage. Then, it displays in a window all recoverable items. The user has just to select those he wants to restore and start the operation.

Supported devices: This software does not recover only data from mobile phones. It is only able to deal with files stored in various devices such as USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives or other storage item.


Mac Data Recovery Software for Mobile Phone can be used to retrieve any kind of files either documents, audio or video files.


This is a shareware version.


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