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Send Personally for Outlook Express

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Send Personally for Outlook Express
Windows XP - English

Send Personally for Outlook Express is an add-in for sending emails to other contacts on this mailing program. It allows the user to send several Emails simultaneously.

Key Features

Integration: being an extension, this software automatically integrates to Outlook after its installation on the computer system. This means that the program can be used whenever he wants to send an Email to several contact, yet personalized.

Sending: this kind of work is done in an easy way with this type of software. Indeed, the user only needs to add the email addresses in the appropriate box and click on "Send personally" button.

Customization: Send Personally for Outlook Express offers the ability to customize the fields that must be filled every time the user sends an email. For example, the name and first name of the addressee can be modified with special characters.


Send Personally for Outlook Express is convenient since it allows sending Emails to multiple recipients in one click.

This software is so lightweight and does not clutter the hard disk.

Its use does not require any special knowledge in mailing services.


This is a trial version available for a few days only.

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