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IpPulse is software designed by Northwest Performance Software. It is a server and network application which allow the user to control the status of IP devices that are connected on a network.

Key features

Monitoring: The software has several methods of monitoring. It uses ping, TCP port connection and SNMP to allows the user know the network in which his devices are connected. If it does not work properly, he still can make a second test.

Notification: IpPulse has the ability to alert the user when there are some failures. It will send an email via the SMTP protocol, audio messages or a beep to the user's computer. He just has to define what he thinks fit.

Text file: This utilitarian has also the capacity of supporting a large list of target hosts that have been entered as hostnames and IP addresses which are put in a text file. The user can also log the test result in a text file.


The remote control in IpPulse is highly protected with a password.

The software is easy to use.


This is a trial version.

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