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REAPER (OS X 64-bit)

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REAPER (OS X 64-bit)
Mac OS X - English

Reaper (OS X 64-bit) is an audio editing and recording tool which proposes a wide range of functions. Other features can be accessed with the install of some plug-ins.

Key Features

  • Record: Reaper (OS X 64-bit) allows to record track from different sources connected to the Mac. It can handle numerous inputs simultaneously. For a better mix, the user will be able to adjust the volume of each source independently.
  • Edition: with this software, it is possible to modify the recorded sound or an audio file stored in hard disk. Reaper (OS X 64-bit) allows copying, cutting and deleting some segments of the track. It can also modify the tempo in order to change the rhythm.
  • Effect: this software has a rich effect library, including flanger, chorus and reverberation. This is a non-destructive process. This means that Reaper (OS X 64-bit) works on a copy of the sound and the original is kept intact. This allows a backup if a bad handling was performed.


  • Reaper (OS X 64-bit) display a waveform of the sound edited, making the task easier.


  • This is a trial version limited to 30 days of use.
Alternative spelling: reaper471_x86_64.dmg
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