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Wikango - iPhone

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Wikango - iPhone
iPhone - English

Wikango is an application designed to detect road radars. Once the point control is detected, an alert is immediately triggered to indicate the forbidden speed. Wikango is one of the most downloaded applications on the Internet.

Key Features

  • Sound settings: this function will set the type of sound for each type of radar (fix or mobile). The volume has been improved for this new version.
  • Viewing alerts: all alerts will be displayed in real time. This enhanced functionality tells you about the number of cars ahead of you in a radius of several kilometers. For mobile cameras, the display will be done in 1 to 3 stars.
  • Reading information: the interface has been improved. All information on alerts is more explicit and can be easily viewed. Confirmation about alerts will also be specified.
  • Preview system: before the passage to the next fixed radar, this new preview feature can be activated in road mode for the dangerous zones.


  • Radar maps are updated in real time for this version 4.5.


  • No push mode.
  • Random Precision depending on the 3G coverage.
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