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Zeb Help Process

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2014.6.14.10 (latest version)
Zeb Help Process
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

This program undertakes an automatic analysis of reports Hijackthis and DiagHelp: Selection, the general analysis, the (facultative) detailed analysis, (facultative) feedback, synthesis and disinfection. First of all, identify each of processes to determine his noxiousness or its legitimacy. Then, give information itemized on every process. Then he offers a tool of eradication for certain infections. NB: if it generates alerts, it is about positive falsehood (false alarms) issued by the antivirus when he meets a foundation of data PARADOX Delphi Borland.

We want to add that this software is not to put between all hands, it will bring significant information only to those able of interpreting reports without its help. Besides, alone the opinion of competent persons will be able to help you in steps of eradication of malwares...

The tool is restricted by the peculiarities of the reports which it interprets. Particularly, the analysis of a report hijackthis does not disclose rootkits (navipromo, bagle). Besides, it discloses the legitimate or illicit character of a line only if this information was entered in its foundation of data. It is therefore necessary to undertake a systematic analysis of all not treated lines.

Thanks for your alertness...

Alternative spelling: ZebHelpProcess, ZHP_2014- 2014.6.14.10.exe
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