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Shazam for Android

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Shazam for Android
Android - English

probably, one of the most useful apps out there. If you like music in a cafe and you don't know who's the artist/title, Shazam will definitely help!

Registration date
Wednesday April 15, 2020
Last seen
September 20, 2021

Shazam is an app that lets you find a song's information — including title, artist, album name, and more — by simply setting the program to "listen" to it. The app then searches through its extensive database to locate the data and present it to you in a clean and simple way. It also displays on-the-minute/up to date/current information about your favorite artists, like when they will be on tour and where you can catch upcoming concerts near you.

Key Features

  • Identifies the artist, the song title and the album within several seconds by recording it.
  • You can listen to just found music via Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music and watch music videos on YouTube.
  • Works offline.
  • Auto Shazam option available to record all the music you hear in public places.
  • Possibility to share songs with friends via social networks.
  • Get recommendations and discover new songs and albums.

Is It Free?

The app is completely free of charge.

Other Systems

The Shazam app is also available for Blackberry mobile phones and for iOS devices.

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