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In 2013, Windows Live Messenger is phased out in favour of Skype. This version of Windows Live Messenger is a compatible with Windows XP. The latest version of MSN, not compatible with XP, is downloadable for free.
Note : This version enables a unique display of the webcam, contrary to the former version.


MSN Messenger 2009, also known as Windows Live Messenger 2009, is an IM client for Microsoft: instant messaging, voice, video, video conference, file transfer, offline messages, permanent contact list, new icons and avatars.
The interface of this latest version enables to modify the background of the upper part of the list, to change and create skin for MSN. Tabs are displayed horizontally at the bottom of the list. The chat window is displayed at the right like the space icon.
Furthermore, Messenger window can be customized with your own photos. You can also resize chat windows and show up or not private images; zoom in text and delete menu.
Alternative spelling: WLM 2009, MSN Messenger 2009, MSN 9, WLM 9, MSN9, MSN2009, MSN 2009,Télécharger MSN 2009, MSN2009, WLM2009, Messenger 2009, wlsetup-all-14.0.80890726.exe, wlsetup-all.exe
Latest update on December 17, 2013 at 06:32 AM.
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