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7 Minute Workout Challenge

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7 Minute Workout Challenge
iPhone - English
The 7 Minute Workout Challenge application is, in short, the busy person's guide to getting active. Designed to encourage its users kickstart healthier habits, the application guides users through a number of routines to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

Key Features

The application offers a number of customizable features that enable users to personalize their fitness routines to their liking.

Users can choose between a female or a male instructor to guide them through each step of their workout. The video interface performs workouts in tandem with users, providing some extra motivation throughout the twelve circuits. A short break is granted between each exercise.

The activity calendar feature tracks the activity of its users, marking off each day that a workout is completed.

A weight watcher feature allows users to enter their weight, and track progress. Graphics encourage users to stay motivated by offering small words of encouragement next to the progression bar.

The latest version of the application also offers a sharing option. Users now have the option to show off their progress to Facebook and Twitter followers, or with a friend.

In addition to an English option, the 7 Minute Workout application is also available in French, German, and Japanese. It is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, regardless of if users are connected to wifi.

System requirements

Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later, Android

Size: 53.0MB


Latest update on September 11, 2015 at 09:57 PM.
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