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Akinator the Genie

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Akinator the Genie
iPhone, English
Akinator the Genie is an entertaining game where a Genie can guess what the user is thinking about. The principle is quite simple; the Genie asks a series of questions to have a clue. After that, he is going to give an accurate answer (based on the tree match algorithm) to who the user is thinking about.

Key Features

  • MyWorld: this option lets Akinator be aware of relatives and friends. Names and other important information about them will be entered previously and saved in a secure database. From these data, Akinator the Genie can deduce who the user is thinking about.
  • Child filter: Akinator the Genie can be used by both adult and young people. In order to stay away from inappropriate answers and enables kids to play safely, users are given freedom to click on parameters and select the Child Filter mode.
  • Sharing option: once created, the output can be shared on several social networks. With Akinator the Genie, Facebook and twitter owns their icons on the app's interface in order to deliver a direct link to Websites. Players can also send them via mail.
  • Multilingual: users have to scroll down the list to select the language. Akinator the Genie is available in several languages including French, English, Arabic and Italian. An additional background can be applied to the interface and in Japanese.


  • This is a universal version that also works on iPad.


  • A certain amount of money is necessary to use this application.
  • After 20 quizzes, the program automatically asks if the requested character is correct.


Latest update on March 7, 2014 at 08:39 AM.

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