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iPhone - English
MONOPOLY is the iOS version of the famous America-originated board game MONOPOLY. Just as with the real version, rules, board and the equipment remain unchanged. The two dice are in 3D and a shake of the device can roll them to any location on the MONOPOLY board. This application is a multi-player game.

Key Features

  • Principle: the rule remains the same; the player that cannot pay is bankrupt, whereas those owning more and more properties become richer. MONOPOLY helps players to manage holdings and sell renowned belongings. This can be done by clicking on the appropriate icon. The game environment can be configured.
  • Difficulty levels: upgrading to another level depends on the gamer's agility and good-like. MONOPOLY offers three levels of difficulty and enables to save a game session that is in progress. What makes it a little bit different from the original one is that it allows customizing the "game rules" as well as its 3D environment.
  • Multiplayer: if the player wants to challenge other iOS friends or an unknown gamers, it is feasible. MONOPOLY supports up to three friends via local WiFi and Pass 'N Play Multiplayer. For the BlueTooth Multiplayer mode, the app only supports 2 friends. The iPhone/iPhod touch version can be played on iPad with multiple users.


  • MONOPOLY can be used in different languages that are French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • The game's behind-the-scene has been enhanced for this latest version.


  • There is nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 30, 2014 at 07:29 AM.
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