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Kerio MailServer

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8.0.0 (latest version)
Kerio MailServer
Windows 2000, Windows Vista, English
Kerio MailServer has evolved. This version is the latest version and the name the application has changes. This cross platform, email and calendars is now known under the name of Kerio Connect.

Key Features

  • Exchange alternative: with this application, the editor is focusing on solving IT needs. That is why Kerio MailServer is considered as being the best and most flexible messaging and collaboration server in multimedia world.
  • Synchronization: with this tool, you can synch your email, calendars, contact list with your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Phone.). Moreover, you can also synchronize your data in real-time with direct push.
  • Anti-virus: integrated with a powerful anti-virus and anti-spam, built-in archiving and an automated backup, files, folders and other shared documents are sure to remain safe with Kerio MailServer. It is protecting your computer and data against viral attacks.


  • Kerio MailServer is easy to use.
  • It is perfect for medium and small businesses servers.
  • Kerio Connect utilizes several open source products (OpenSSL, SpamAssassin, PHP, and Qt).


  • Being a shareware version, it offers 30 days of free trial, then, you have to pay for a license.


Alternative spelling: kerio-connect-8.0.0-639-win32.exe

Latest update on February 1, 2013 at 12:36 AM.

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