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MARVEL War of Heroes

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MARVEL War of Heroes
iPhone - English

MARVEL War of Heroes is the mobile card battle game for iOS version. Gamers have to create a powerful team among Marvel characters and fight against other players from the other corner of the world. This game was officially released in October 2012 and enters players into an arcade and action genre. Missions, battle and cards are put at their disposal to fight against other players.

Key Features

  • Card catalogues: gamers can profit from hundreds of cards which symbolizes Marvel super heroes (Captain America, Jean Grey, Iron Man, and still many o thers). Each catalogue (All, Speed, Bruiser and Tactics) contains several cards that the player can pick up from. Since this is a collectible card game, it uses special sets of playing cards where trade and collectible terms are used interchangeably. Note that these cards are regularly updated.
  • Original arts and characters: MARVEL War of Heroes features all Marvel characters. Among them, we can cite Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America and others. Cards are designed by Marvel artists such as Aleksi Briclot and Francesco Mattina. All gamers need to recruit heroes to fight foes.
  • Missions: gamers can choose among 29 operations. Each operation (exception for the first 1) is formed of 5 missions. Once an operation is completed, they can get Experience Point (XP), Silver and Cards that are there to enhance the Deck. Concerning battles, they are made up of attacker and defender and a victory leads to a Silver, Mastery and Resources rewards.


  • MARVEL War of Heroes can be downloaded and played for free.


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