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Castle Clash by IGG

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Castle Clash by IGG
iPhone - English

Castle Clash is an action and arcade game especially designed and published by IGG.COM. The aim is to create an army that is going to protect a fortress. Weapons and heroes can be selected depending on the gamers' inspirations and needs. This application is destined for iPhone and iPad. This is also the first Strategy Game of 2013.

Key Features

  • Setting and heroes: Castle Clash gives players the freedom to hire legions of heroes who can become the world's greatest WarLord. It is also considered as a tower defense action game where players have to protect the tour. Over 20 heroes are to be selected to build the army.
  • Arena: apart from that, since the app requires Internet to work, Castle Clash players can organize a player versus player battle inside the Arena. The Arena is maybe hard for beginners but once fighting going on, they will find tips and tracks to get through. It is possible to select the online player.
  • Options for fighting: with this epic battle, gamers can combine both sorcery and skills (weapons of any kind) to win a battle. Castle Clash offers realistic and thrilling battles to let gamers live and escape in the game.
  • Enhancements: this latest version is granted with several improvements. For instance, Castle Clash has been added new Here called Cupid as well as new Nobility Titles. Apart from that, the Arena Rankings are fixed as well as some bugs.


  • Castle Clash is downloadable free of charge.
  • Graphics and battles are realistic.


  • Nothing special to report.
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