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Chaos Drive

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Chaos Drive
iPhone - English
Chaos Drive by Applibot Inc is a card battle game destined for iOS devices. Invaders (Gods, demons, psychics...) from other worlds have ravaged the planet Earth. For about ten years, human beings fled underground but now, they plan an offensive attack to recover their territory. Players enter a character to win battles and war. This game is downloadable free of charge.

Key Features

  • Battles: Chaos Drive brings players into real-time battles. They can join other allies to fight against invaders. It is also possible to take on foes in thirty-minutes Guild Battles and experience game session with other online players. For each defeated Boss, the player will gain great rewards.
  • Cards collection: some cards are given the ability to multiply others. Players can enhance cards to increase stats, strengthen team and surrender powerful enemies. Chaos Drive enables players to increase the card's max levels via Limit Break and Limit Break 4.
  • Illustrations: with world-class artists, Chaos Drive graphics are eye-catching. Famous illustrators lent a hand to designers for the creation of the world-class artwork of the intuitive interface and stunning characters.
  • Events: Chaos Drive is packed with tons of events and promotions that are available at any time. Rare cards can be accessed with various rewards. Players often discover further details about this while on a game session.


  • It is recommended for people loving real-time battles and card games.
  • Graphics are gorgeous.


  • It is free but in-game items are paid.

Latest update on May 28, 2014 at 09:03 AM.
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