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Close Up Pics

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Close Up Pics
iPhone, English
Close Up Pics is a game for iOS devices. This puzzle word game enables its players to better work their brain. The player has to guess the name of an object from the zoomed in photo as quick as possible. This application is developed and published by MediaFlex Games. It is working on both iPhone and iPad.

Key Features

  • Principle: Close Up Pics' principle is quite simple. The gamer has to identify an image that is displayed on the interface. After that, he has to write it down quickly on the box below the image. This is a game that calls for memory, brain working and rapidity. The user interface of this application plus the clear design makes it addictive.
  • Levels: the game offers hundreds of levels of difficulty. Close Up Pics gamers can profit from them. Once a level is completed, they are automatically moved to another one with a higher level of difficulty. Each level is timed and it becomes even shorter as levels go up.
  • Sharing option: this is making this app quite interesting. There are icons linked to some Sharing websites so that gamers can boast on their performance Close Up Pics. Score can be shared on Facebook and twitter. They can compare score and incite other friends on these social networks to compete and overpass this score.


  • Close Up Pics is downloaded free of charge.
  • It is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5.


  • This app is not available in other languages.


Latest update on March 28, 2014 at 08:57 AM.

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