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Hill Climb Racing for iPhone

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Hill Climb Racing for iPhone
iPhone, English
Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based racing game. The gamer is playing Newton Bill who likes uphill racing. Bill is quite a kind of imprudent and lunatic man. His goal is to conquer the highest hills up on the moon. This game is developed by Fingersoft and can work on both iPhone and iPad.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: players are immersed in hill climbing environments where they have to face obstacles and challenges. They can experience the sound of a real turbo when upgrading the vehicle. All controls can easily be reached with simple taps and swipes on the screen's device.
  • Levels: Hill Climb Racing summons several stages with different levels to reach. For each level, the gamer can choose the area to ride (Countryside, Desert, Arctic, Highway and Cave). The screen displays the speed and the distance driven per meter.
  • Graphics: as told above, the smooth physics simulation is adding a unique touch to the gameplay. Concerning graphics, it is nice-looking with all options directly appearing on every side of the square screen. For instance, the score, the distance, Brake and Gas controls.
  • Vehicles: Hill Climb Racing players have to choose among quite a few vehicles proposed by the game. For instance, they can opt for the Jeep, Super Diesel 4x4, Quad Bike or the Race Car. They can be upgraded in terms of engine, tires and suspension.


  • Hill Climb Racing can be downloaded free of charge.


  • It is not available in other languages than English.


Latest update on September 22, 2016 at 04:49 PM.

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