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Lumosity Mobile

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Lumosity Mobile
iPhone - English

Lumosity Mobile is an educational online game that is mainly known as a Personalized Training Program. It essentially focuses on helping players increasing their capacity in memory, attention, speed of processing, flexibility and problem solving. This game is now accessible via mobile phone and this version is especially designed for iPhone (optimized for iPhone 5).

Key Features

  • Categorized scientific games: Lumosity Mobile consists of more than 40 games in its database. They are sorted according to their abilities and goals. Some sharpens memory and some increasing concentration and flexibility. The gamer has to choose among the brain training program that they want to improve.
  • Track progress: the player can follow up his progress on Brain Profile. They can see stats of scores performed in all games involving several categories. Lumosity Mobile enables to check the evolution and can even help to compare it with other friends.
  • Personalized training program: with Lumosity Mobile, players can customize the program so that they can train every day. For instance, they can choose to work on their memory for Tuesday and maybe problem solving for the next day.
  • Other games: featured games are Word Bubbles Rising that is working on the verbal fluency and Eagle Eye for training memory and visual field. Let's also cite Familiar Faces that lets players better remember other people's faces and names.


  • Lumosity Mobile is a game that is downloadable free of charge.
  • It can work on iPod touch and iPad.


  • Nothing special to report.
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