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Developed by Hightalk Software Corporation, MomentCam is a graphic tool for creating cartoons, animations and emoticons via a picture taken by the camera. Shots can be edited for a better rendering and can be shared on some social networks thereafter.

Key Features

  • Create cartoons and emoticons: first, this simple application is going to take a picture of a person. Once the image introduced in it, MomentCam can generate a cartoon version of this picture. Some settings can be adjusted such as brightness, contrast and even the possibility to edit Face (change hairstyle, glasses, etc.).
  • Animation tools: introduced to this app for this latest version, it also enables to create animations. For this, there are several tools and templates that are put at users' disposal to create the animation. MomentCam also enables to generate simple and funny emoticons via these cartoons.
  • Group caricature: apart from creating a cartoon of a unique person, now, MomentCam is integrated with an option allowing users to create caricatures in group. It means that a family picture can be transformed into a cartoon family picture.
  • Sharing option: once created, the artwork can be shared on some social networks. MomentCam offers various icons for sharing cartoons ranging from Facebook, Google+ or to Skype and many others.


  • MomentCam is downloadable free of charge.
  • 50 Free Gift Cards are granted to users for New Years design.


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Latest update on November 20, 2016 at 02:56 PM.
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