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Pandora Radio

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Pandora Radio
iPhone - English

Pandora Radio is a mobile application for listening to online music and for recommending them to other users. This application for iPhone is available in USA, Australia and New Zealand. It gathers several online radio stations such as Young MC Radio and Beastie Boys Radio. Users can profit from their favorite songs, artists and composers. It is developed by Pandora Media Inc itself.

Key Features

  • Online radio: the user just requires Pandora account to activate the application. After that, he can listen to hundreds of radio stations. It is also possible to create personalized stations ones' favorite songs.
  • Automatic playlist: Pandora Radio can automatically create a playlist based on songs that the user has been previously listening to. Songs can be taken and synchronized with the user's online profile. If he wants to block a track; this can be done with a simple tap. Synchronization can also be done with the mobile phone playlist.
  • Recommendation: the user can easily like or dislike a song being played back on Pandora Radio. After that, it is possible to recommend and share the song to friends so that they can listen to the track too.
  • Sleep Timer: this feature gives the ability to listen to Pandora Radio before going to bet and let be soothed by songs. It can be configured to shut down after 15, 30, 60 minutes; giving listeners time to fall asleep.


  • Pandora Radio is downloadable free of charge.
  • The interface is intuitive.


  • It is geographically restricted.
  • This application requires subscription and can contain ads in between.
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