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Plague Inc.

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Plague Inc.
Android - English

Plague Inc. is a strategy and adventure game available on several platforms. This version is designed for iOS devices and especially iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The concept is a little terrifying where the gamer has to simulate plague infection from the four corners of the world. It is the gamer versus the world.

Key Features

  • Game modes: casual, normal and brutal. Levels of difficulty change for each game mode. Casual mode is destined for new players and impatient ones. The Normal mode is suitable for experienced genetic strategists who are a little bit concerned about the matter. For the brutal mode, it is just gorgeous for highly experienced ones.
  • Game principle: after selecting the game mode, the player is asked to name the plague, customize it by changing genetic code and selecting a place to insert the gene. Then, he has to touch a country with a tap to spread the plague therein.
  • Plague stats: Plague Inc. displays the state and location of the plague. For instance, the start location, daily infection and daily deaths, transmission, symptoms and abilities are showed up on a table. The gamer has to select transmission trait (animals, people, water, blood, etc.). The number of infected countries and the number of dead are also showed up in real-time on the interface.
  • Graphics: Plague Inc supports Retina display. Plague transmission and maps are of high-definition. Ships and Flights are the main sources of infection and as transmission goes one, gamers are provided the power of the plague. The most infected country is colored red in the map. The interface is highly-polished.


  • Plague Inc is available in several languages.


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